Our Team

Kamil Azmi

Chief Convenor

Md Kamil is the Chief Convenor for Moneyfy Global Private Limited and he handles key post in many big brand . He has extensive knowledge of Business Marketing and Direct Sales Tool . With his Enriched Experience in Business Expansion and Planning ,he has played an instrumental role in developing the income tools for every individual through platform of Moneyfy . A Philanthropist committed to provide earning opportunities to everyone is a synonyms to Md Kamil Azmi .

We are dedicated to give quality services to our customers which is driven by technology . Our vision is to make Moneyfy one of the trustworthiest earning machine for every individual. Our Digital platform has created revolution for people who are looking to earn more because we are committed to add extra money every second in your wallet .

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Mohammad Anzar

Director – Technical

Md Anzar is working as Director – Technical for the company . He is ornamented with comprehensive knowledge of Latest Technology and Innovation in the company . He heads the In house Technical team of the company. His research and Technical expertise is playing an engineering role in giving real time service to our clients

Moneyfy comes with one of best and proven technology in the market. Our innovative software has made life easier for every individual. In the Era of Digitalization we have used concept of spreading technology gain through human brain. Lets join hand together and become part of one the most successful brand of market.

Dev Chinmay

Director – Admin & Operations

Dev Chinmay has a noticeable presence in the corporate world . With more than a decade experience in delivering sales and motivational sessions , Dev has worked with many MNCs and is currently serving as a Director – Operation with Moneyfyglobal Private Limited . He is highly skilled in Sales Planning and product promotions .

Moneyfy always believe in producing financial gains to its customer. We have given our best to make Moneyfy one of the fastest networking companies in India which has its wings flying across India .Our focus is to deliver quality FMCG , Health , Beauty products to our customers directly . We have given " RIGHT TO BUSINESS " to our every associate and make huge earnings through our network marketing chain .

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Mohammad Talib

Director – Alliances

We emphasize on alternative source of income with longevity for our every associate. Our income plans are realistic and our mechanism has supported people from all walks of life in catalyzing their financial growth. We are pledged to grow together with our associate.

Pankaj Diwedi

Director – Strategy & Development

Pankaj Diwedi is one of the key leaders of our Leadership Team . He is associated with us as a Director – Strategy and Planning . Pankaj has giant experience of corporates for more than 10 years . His vision is to strive constant growth to all associates . Mr Diwedi has strategize the policies of the company which is resulting in immense growth and better business opportunities for everyone .

Our Model is giving equal opportunity to everyone to earn by creating a chain of people who want to do smart work . If you have a dream , we have plan to fulfill it . We are a digital networking company which has given our associates immense opportunity to earn while purchasing daily needs.

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Aviral Sonker

Director – Projects

Aviral Sonker is one of the member in our Directorial Board . Apart from Serving as a Director of the company , he managed the product quality and delivery of the same . He has developed many technical platforms and is expert in handling social media promotions , grievances redress in a more effective manner . He is blessed with natural skillsets of creating opportunities for others . He has a Handy experience of more than 10 years in handling Customers through digital platform .

We have created opportunity for one and everyone through our unique earning model . We have given multiple sources to earn to every associated member of MoneyfyFamily .With a Basket of Product and earning plan , we have are giving parallel growth to everyone . Lets save on products and earn through our business plan.